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March 29th - April 1st 2017

Margaret River Western Australia

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Each year, professionals from music, film, advertising, digital and the visual arts travel to one of the world's most beautiful locations, Margaret River, to share recent developments in their disciplines as well as emerging trends in a series of workshops and talks.

By bringing together creatives from a wide range of areas, the four-day event encourages participants to look beyond their own specialisation and broaden their thinking. You'll leave inspired, refreshed and ready to create something great.

But it's not just a conference: you'll enjoy concerts showcasing the country's best emerging musical acts, exhibitions with work by local artists, meals in the region's famous wineries, light installations and countless other happenings.

It's the perfect way to start your creative year.

Emergence Creative runs from Wednesday March 29 through to Saturday April 1st , 2017.

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Here’s what some of our past speakers had to say about the event…


Lee Hunter, Head of Marketing & Innovation – Google Asia-Pacific

When I say that the Emergence Festival was inspiring chaos, I mean that in the best way possible. It's the mashing of marketers, filmmakers, musicians, creatives and more, meeting in one of the most beautiful places you can imagine, and producing amazing talks, hacking together music videos, improvising freestyle art and other random, beautiful things which leave you creatively inspired, and happy to have met such a great bunch of people. I've never been to a conference quite like it, and I definitely think there should be more of this kind of thing. Just go.

Kylie Robertson, Head of Creative, Digital and Emerging Products – Penguin Books Australia

"Emergence was mind blowingly creative and jam packed full of inspired ideas. The setting, the people, and the calibre of talent were world class. Can't wait for next year!"

Rich Bullock, Writer/Director – Hungry Man, Revolver

"It's actually depressing living the rest of the year outside the temporary bubble of wonder, waves, wine and chinwaggery. It's creative stoke in its purest form."

Christian Van  Vuuren, Bondi Hipsters

"Emergence is a total cluster-fuck of creative good vibes in the best way possible. I didn't know where I was supposed to be or what I was supposed to be doing at any given point in any given day, but I learned heaps, met a whole bunch of creative legends, and they let me say cunt in my presentation"

Ben Akers, Creative Director – LOVE (UK)

Emergence is like a church of creative inspiration. Where the commandments are: pushing creative boundaries. Where the gods are living and walking amongst you.

And where the wine floweth like water. Once converted you will always want to return to worship.

PJ Bloom, Partner/Music Supervisor/Soundtrack Producer – Neophonic Music.  Owner – Black Magnetic Records and Publishing (USA)

“Emergence is an inspirational brain trust of some of the most influential, creative and forward thinking entrepreneurial minds in business today held in one of the most picturesque places on the planet!”

Carolyn Miller  - Gruen Planet

'Emergence is the only creative festival I've been to where ideas, and not sales pitches, are the true heroes of the event. Unique, intellegent, and above all, extremely good fun!'

Eddie Codel, Founder Flying Robot International Drone Film Festival (USA)

I feel especially grateful to have been part of this fantastic creative festival here in Western Australia, now in it's 4th year. It reminded me of what I appreciated about the early days of SXSW Interactive; the camaraderie of meeting your peers, cross-discipline learnings, creative excursions, serendipitous run-ins, and of course, the parties. You know what was NOT here? Giant megacorporate sponsored "activations." This was completely a grassroots event through and through, run by beautiful passionate people. Turns out this was not an accident, as the founders were inspired by SXSW. Next year, let's all go to Australia for year 5 of Emergence Creative!

Ram Castillo, The Giant Thinker

"The beating heart of a creative can only be fed by curiosity, and expression – through the act of creation itself. At times, the beat can be drowned out by the noise of 'busy'. It's incredibly rare to find a serene place in the world that hosts a cross between a creative conference and a creative retreat to recalibrate. I came to the Emergence Creative Festival to share the power of putting people over profit. To my delight, I was gifted in exchange by an awakening; inspired and recharged by all types of creatives from all over the world."

Jarrad Seng, Photographer/Director

My virgin Emergence experience involved dangling by rope over the side of a cliff face whilst shooting a topless ukulele wielding songstress whilst a drummer banged out the beats overhead.  Wait, what?  Yeah, only at Emergence.  A wonderful collision of creative minds in the most beautiful part of Western Australia.

Nick Macfarlane, Graphic Designer, Artist, Author: Hunting the Killer Idea and Spinfluence. (NZ)

"They've bottled the perfect blend of inspirational talks, relaxed atmosphere, fun people and plenty of partying.  I came away buzzing from the good vibes that can only be found Emergence Festival, Margaret River."

Glenn Urquhart, Group Creative Director, Lifestyle Channels Foxtel

In two decades of attending industry conferences and workshops all over the world, Emergence stands out as the biggest shot-in-the-arm i've ever had.

It's the anti-conference.  An eclectic menagerie of imps, intellectuals and incredibly talented nut-jobs flinging ideas around and making cool shit in paradise.  I walked away from it ready to change the world.  I also walked away knowing 100% I'd be back.

Adam Barrell, Tweet Perth, Haystac Media

Emergence... disrupting the idea of a 'traditional conference'. A place where inspiration flows like the local wines, as creativity and networking merge (#creatworking?) over stunning scenery

Jonathon Kneebone,  Co-founder - The Glue Society

“Technology allows us to feel like we are connecting to what’s going on in the world and get the sense that we are up to speed. But the Emergence Festival gives those who attend and participate a totally different experience. Spending time with people who are at the cutting edge of their own worlds makesthe idea of learning and exploring suddenly very tangible and real. If I had to summarise the experience I’d call it creative cross pollination. You can’t do that from a laptop

Eric Phu, Senior advertising and marketing specialist

"Emergence bills itself as a Creative Festival, but that's like saying that the sun is kinda warm. It's more like an absolutely crazy collision of great people, amazing location, inspiring speakers and brilliant events. It's nothing short of a spiritual awakening to get your juices pumping."

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