Y Gen Z are next: How to create thumb stopping content for the next generation of consumers

Millennials and Gen Z’s are the next generation of consumers that only know a world of smartphones, feeds and constant connectivity. Their brains are programmed to process an enormous volume of content coming at them every waking moment. Getting them to stop their thumbs on your content requires a completely different approach to creative and storytelling.

In this session Neil Ackland, CEO of youth focused publisher Junkee Media, will share the success story of Gen Z-oriented channel Punkee. Neil will reveal the secrets behind the site’s phenomenal success and the research and insights behind the idea.

In just six months Punkee has attracted more than 19 million views, 17 million minutes of viewing time, 500k+ monthly visits to its website & 2 million social engagements by creating quirky and original videos that have quickly gained cult status.