Bill Cromie

Founder Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood Foundation

Bill Cromie is a serial tech entrepreneur, founding Selectable Media,, and most recently, Blue Ridge Labs at Robin Hood, a non-profit technology incubator in Brooklyn that helps incredible people build products for underserved communities and people.

He writes about tech, art, design, and just about everything else at, pontificates in 280 characters or less at Twitter, and does business stuff over at Linkedin. He is fluent in technology, speaks reasonable French, likes to travel the globe, and would love to sit down with you, have a cup of coffee and chat about just about anything you find fascinating.

More about Blue Ridge Labs

Blue Ridge [email protected] Hood is a program of Robin Hood – New York’s largest poverty-fighting organization. The Labs program was launched from inside the Blue Ridge Foundation New York to build upon its 15 year legacy of transforming ideas into organizations. The Blue Ridge Labs team specializes in creating and supporting early-stage social tech ventures (both for-profit and nonprofit). Most importantly, the alumni of the programs help hundreds of thousands of people every day.