Emergence Creative 2017 Branding Collaboration

Each year our branding starts with 6 visual artists, some plywood, some paint and an idea.

This year, we collaborated with the very talented Ian Mutch, Chloe Wilder, Aidan Lee Smith, Dave Wolfy, David Spencer and Troy Bennell.  They each got a piece of ply and were told not to be precious…because we were going to slice up their artwork.  Each final piece was fantastic, so we cut it anyway and put it all back together as one final piece and were pretty happy with the results.

Photo Credits: Kelly Harwood Photography

Special thanks to Adam Butcher from Simpson Builders for his blade skills.

Pictured: Ian Mutch, Adam Butcher, Erin Molloy.

emergence_2017_khphoto-2 emergence_2017_khphoto-5 emergence_2017_khphoto-7 emergence_2017_khphoto-9 emergence_2017_khphoto-21  emergence_2017_khphoto-24 fullsizerender1