How to get your boss to say yes to 3 days down south














(Thursday, 14 November 2019)

What if we told you that three days Down South, hanging with creative minds at the top of their game, could inject a whole lot of success into the business you work for?

Emergence Creative Festival isn’t your average conference. It’s a space where you can unplug, break down facades and create space for amazing ideas to emerge.

As a result, you get new ways of understanding and approaching what you do, which in turn creates greater opportunities for you and the business you work for.

But, how does this help you convince your boss to let you go? Let’s start with the science of the Velvet Underground.

The Lou Reed Effect

It’s no secret that when people from different backgrounds or ways of thinking come together, special things happen. In music, the examples are endless. Think about the rawness of Lou Reed coupled with the classical bent of John Cale, which shaped the melodic magic of the Velvet Underground.

When divergent minds in business get together, profit and creative success are known to come too. The Harvard Business Review wrote about the importance of ‘value-chain’ partnerships, which is when companies with different skills come together to build value for customers.

In the study, Rosabeth Moss Kanter examined the productive partnerships of companies, observing over 37 companies in different parts of the world. The companies were large and small, varying from manufacturing and service industries to tech.

Kanter discovered that intercompany relationships were a key business asset, which in turn improved the profit, success and morale of a business. What she’s saying here is that collaboration in all types of business, yields success.

Pretty. Cool.

How Emergence helps you forge collaborations

Emergence is a festival built on forging connections between minds from different fields, to reveal the creativity we all share. We’re about diving into the unknown, and creating a space where legends like you can open up to new experiences, including new friendships. The festival is constructed to allow for maximum networking with keynotes and other professionals across multiple fields.

In 2017, South West band Dallas Royal picked up a partnership with Adult Swim, creating music video clips and other content for the platform. Writer Sarah Robinson discovered an epic app designer, who is now helping to create a new app platform for her book, F**k off and die.

Yep, we know making friends as an adult can be a bit weird. But at Emergence, our co-labs and events are geared to connect people, with the kind of chilled out, yet electric vibe you’d expect of a creative conference in the South West of WA.

You’ll also get to kick back with a beer (or sparkling water) at our legendary Creative Crawl (on Thursday 26th March), and check out amazing showcases, including musicians, visual artists and other creatives at the top of their game.

I don’t have an hour to explain this to my boss, thanks for nothing

Okay, you have stuff to do, so we’re going to distil your pitch to the boss down to 5 easy points, because that’s what the Internet is for, right?

Here goes.

  1. The best creatives think across multiple disciplines. Emergence has speakers and workshops across tech, digital, social, film, TV, gaming and heaps more.
  2. Make your boss more money. Insert Kanter/ Harvard study about cross-collaboration generating success and profit. Emergence fosters collaboration. Boom.
  3. Thinking beyond the brief. Emergence coaches you to think beyond the obvious and generate solutions outside your job title, which makes you, well, way better at your job.
  4. Build your networks. You will meet awesome new people that could very well take your boss’s business to a whole new level.
  5. It’s not like other conferences. We foster new perspectives and adaptability – two of the most vital components for creative thinking and business success.

Boss still not convinced?

If your boss is still not convinced that sending you to Emergence isn’t the best use of your PD budget, get them to check out these quotes from people who have attended in the past (and now come most years).

You could also buy them a coffee to soften them up or go all out and tell them to come along too. If that doesn’t work, quit your job and abscond Down South to start your own creative business. We’d love to have you.

Get tickets for Emergence here. They’re selling fast, so hurry up.