Kim Choong

With the passion to create a vibrant drinks scene in Malaysia, Kim Choong established in 2012, a platform that connects the trade and consumers, which has now become the leading drinks portal in the country.

Kim travels the world to tell stories of people and brands in the drinks world. Meeting people who work passionately to bring the best of their craft is the most rewarding part of her work. She believes that the development of beverages is essential in defining human civilisation. Each culture has its own unique beverages that not only give a clue about their lifestyle, but also bring forth their knowledge in technology, history and geography. It also serves as a tool to connect people, inspire ideas and creativity.

Prior to starting Thirst, Kim spent 5 years of her early career as a lawyer in civil and criminal law, then in intellectual property before joining the media industry.

As a drinks and travel journalist, Kim also handles photography with particular emphasis on beverages. She is the main photographer for Thirst Magazine and also contributes to other publications.

Kim has been invited to judge cocktail and beer competitions since 2011 by brands such as Monin, Opihr, and Angostura, as well as craft beer competitions in Thailand and Singapore. She is also experienced in organising drinks events from cocktail competitions to intimate tastings and pairing sessions for drinks brands.

You can see her work on and also in the digital version of Thirst Magazine hosted on the website.