Rebecca Martin

Words have been Rebecca Martin’s craft and purpose for more than 20 years, taking her around the world and through several careers as a journalist, public relations, marketing, consultant and accidental event organiser.

Her resume includes stints with Community Newspapers, Myanmar Times, Star TV, ABC, News Limited, the Space Agency and King Content.

Her current role is as Managing Editor of Brand Publishing with RAC.

What she’s learned over the years of working in print, digital, radio and broadcast is that the medium is secondary – all that really matters is the story and the audience. Even a shopping list becomes interesting when you work out why your audience should care, and then deliver it to them the way they want.

And story-telling is also democratic. Anyone can tell a good story if they have the right tools to connect with their audience.

As content marketing took steam a few years back, Rebecca started working with local and international brands to help them understand why and what stories their customers and audiences wanted, plus the how.

She’s now practises what she preaches, heading up a highly talented and creative content team inside WA most trusted brand, RAC.

Tapping into digital, social media, email channels plus WA’s biggest circulating magazine Horizons, Rebecca’s team is a stand out example of how brands can use content and storytelling to connect RAC members with their club and the wider WA community.